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The fact that sustainability is a topic that concerns us all is meeting with increasingly widespread approval throughout society. In the face of climate change and frightening images of the world’s oceans littered with plastic, consumers are becoming more aware of issues such as climate protection, sustainable use of resources and energy efficiency. They are increasingly expressing the desire to make their own lives more sustainable. With regard to consumer behavior, packaging waste is also the subject of criticism. Consumers want less and more sustainable packaging.

By 2030, all plastic packaging should be reusable or recyclable. The food industry has to comply with this EU-wide requirement, which means it faces a wide range of challenges: In the case of packaging, the aim is to ensure food safety. At the same time, the food industry has to meet end consumers’ demands for high-quality, transport-safe packaging on the one hand and environmental friendliness on the other. LoeschPack has recognized this and is continuously working on the further development of its machines and systems in order to be able to optimally process sustainable packaging materials.

We would like to take the opportunity to go new ways together. Here you can see the packaging materials we already use. If you have any further questions – our experts are always there to support you!


Cold-sealable, heat-sealable or without sealing – the possibilities for using paper as a packaging material are versatile. Paper can not only be used as secondary packaging, even fat-containing food can be primarily packaged in paper without becoming greasy.

Since paper is a recyclable mono-material, it is very popular as a packaging material. The LoeschPack F-Series manages to use paper packaging as a flow wrap for products such as chocolate or cereal bars.


Whether as tertiary packaging for transport or as individual secondary packaging – our machines offer a variety of possibilities to use cardboard according to your needs. On the one hand, our machines can process solid board, which is mainly used as secondary packaging. (e.g. for all sizes of chocolate bars or as multipacks for bars and chewing gum). There is a great deal of design freedom for your product.

On the other hand, corrugated board can be used. It is mainly used for tertiary packaging and offers optimum protection during transportation or the presentation of your product in the supermarket shelf.

Biodegradable Film

With a machine from LoeschPack, you can use both biodegradable film and bio-based film. Biodegradable film consists of cellulose and plant fibers and can be recycled in your local compost.

Bio-based films are made primarily from renewable raw materials. They provide sufficient protection for the product and can be used in the packaging process at high speeds.


Aluminium film is often used in the form of composite materials. These cannot be recycled. This is why it is often a controversial material. Nevertheless, it has excellent barrier protection properties.

When it is used as a monomaterial, it also has a good recyclability. Aluminium film can be used unsealed or sealed as primary packaging.


Plastic is a cost-effective and frequently used material. As a monomaterial, plastic generally has good recyclability, but this can vary from region to region depending on the composition of the plastic.

The material is an all-rounder in many ways and offers a wide range of protection as food packaging. Whether as primary, secondary or tertiary packaging, as an open or sealed fold-wrapping or as a tubular bag – plastic is used in various packaging styles and different compositions.

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